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Innovation Drives Talent Attraction For The Parking Industry

Today, the Great Resignation and Great Reshuffle continues to dictate talent scarcity and transform the talent landscape within the parking industry. Companies are struggling with attracting the right kind of talent and managing a swift and efficient recruitment process to keep candidates engaged. Companies often lean into the hybrid or remote working model as the key to winning top talent, but that has now become the norm for many - so how can parking companies continue to compete for top talent? As we have seen, 2022 continues to be a candidate driven market, but I’ve noticed a shift in what really attracts a candidate to a company when seeking new opportunities and it is no longer the benefit of remote or hybrid work.

Lately, candidates are seeking out companies that are innovating and driving the parking industry forward. For example - legacy companies including many parking operators and organizations that specialize in selling traditional hardware heavy solutions are going to have a much harder time attracting top-level talent. On the other hand, innovative companies that have developed seamless mobility solutions that more effectively and efficiently address today's parking and curb management challenges, will have an easier time attracting top talent. From well-funded start-ups to industry veterans, companies that offer solutions that innovate to better serve the parking environment of today will be the key players that define and transform the industry in the coming years.

To a candidate, the thought of being a part of an innovative company with a revolutionary product is exciting and creates not only opportunity but alignment between their core personal and work values. Companies that innovate are more likely to attract non-industry talent further driving collaboration, innovation and diversity across the organization. Innovation does not necessarily have to come in the form of a new product or solution, but also includes any future partnerships, technology, sustainability programs, integrations and more. Today, the majority of candidates ideally want to contribute to a movement and culture where transformation, innovation and customer value is at the core of a company’s mission.

The Reality Is… Talent Is In The Driver’s Seat.

Most large parking companies are tasking Regional Directors with finding and recruiting talent for their teams and supporting them with hybridized in-house teams that combine talent acquisition with HR. This is where the recruitment process and search for talent begins to fail. In addition to meeting quarterly revenue targets and managing direct reports, Regional Directors have little time to focus on, attract, engage and interview the best talent, and the support they receive from an in-house recruiter is limited as their responsibilities are to support national or global recruitment and HR operations. Without the proper resources or process set in place, a candidate will quickly become frustrated and withdraw from the process costing the company, resources, time and opportunities.

I’ve been recruiting for the parking industry for over 10 years. When I work with parking companies, I support and manage the entire recruitment process from start to finish, allowing for Regional Directors and HR Managers to focus on and do the work that they do best. My day to day is spent speaking with candidates about what they are looking for in a company or a new opportunity and I’ve found it goes beyond benefits and rewards. Like I mentioned earlier, remote and hybrid work is here to stay and has become commonplace for most organizations to offer - so I challenge companies to dig deeper into the WHY of their core mission and business and this is truly what brings great talent to the table.

About The Author

Kathleen Laney is the founder of Laney Solutions, the preferred solution for recruitment within the parking industry. Her goal in establishing Laney Solutions was to provide high-quality executive recruitment to an under-served industry. And by having a narrow focus, she has developed exceptional parking industry expertise in a short period of time. Over the past seven years, she has earned trusted advisor status with parking leaders around the world through careful relationship building, superior client and candidate service, and relentless dedication to results. Today, Kathleen is a leading industry voice on the future of the parking professional, and has spoken and written extensively on the topic through industry associations and publications. In 2016, she was recognized with NPA's Top 40 Under 40 award and is a former Board Member of the Women in Parking Association.

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