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I Love Social Media… Here's Why

As a recruiter, LinkedIn is a valuable resource for me. I have been using LinkedIn for close to a decade now and have never fallen out of love with it. I have found jobs on LinkedIn. I have placed dozens if not hundreds of executives using LinkedIn. I have built my business using LinkedIn.

However, I stayed away from Twitter this entire time up until this year. Intimidated and unaware of how useful it would be in a B2B environment, I couldn’t imagine the impact it would have.

I couldn’t imagine the information and ideas I would learn. I couldn’t imagine the relationships I would develop. I couldn’t imagine that it would catapult my business from just starting out to where I am today.

I began experimenting using Twitter a little more than six months ago. I didn’t start with high expectations. But I got sucked in pretty quickly.

As a committed lifelong learner and information nut, I love learning in real time about what is going on around the world and within the parking industry. I love getting insight into the future of our economy and the way we work. I love connecting and developing relationships with thought leaders, authors of my favorite business books and just some really fascinating people.

The purpose of this post is to encourage all professionals to consider how social media can help both your professional goals as well as help you succeed in your job. Our world is changing rapidly and it can be daunting to keep up. But social media can help you do just that.


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